I started in EDI as 3D a generalist and compositor. In just a short time they took a chance and I became Vfx supervisor for commercials. I gained my first experiences on more than 50 sets following the needs of directors and dop. Nowaday Italian market has little time and low budgets, so my first ability is to come up with an valid artistic solution in the cheapest and fastest way possible. In 2004 my first supervion took place on an international feature film: "The Fever", with Vanessa Redgrave, Michael Moore and Angelina Jolie.
Since the beginning EDI used Buf Company's propietary softwares, which i learned to script having what these softwares couldn't do. I always loved the procedurals pipeline. I started writing simple plug-in for 3D software, some macros for shake. Among other achievements, in 2007 i developed an entire crowd system for the feature film "Carnera the walking mountain". I was also the Vfx supervisor on that movie, wich included 1320 vfx scenes, with more than 36 min of 3D crowd. I developed the entire pipeline to manage such huge amounts of shots,and needless to say it was an amazing experience.
In 2007 we opened the R&D department, in leading it we developed our own softwares for manage the pipeline. In 2008 we passed from Buf's propietary 3D software to Houdini. I implemented it into our pipeline, and thanks to my experience and know-how I reached a good level on Houdini in a very short time.

Simone  Riginelli

  • Vfx Supervisor

  • Cg Supervisor

  • Houdini Tecnical Director

  • Lead Compositor



    Personal Information

    19/66 Darley RD
    Manly, Sydney
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